Hello! I'm Haley!


I'm a Seattle based portrait photographer. I specialize in images that are bright, modern, vivid + film-like.

I started practicing photography at age 15, shooting & processing film. Though I now shoot digital, emulating film's depth and quality is something I'll always love. I also have 10+ years of photo retouching experience. I personally hand retouch every one of my client's images to be magazine quality.

With our insanely busy lives these days, it's difficult to take the time to stop and do something for yourself. I feel that getting dressed up, having your portrait professionally taken & having a fun, memorable experience and receiving amazing portraits is something you owe yourself. Cell phone photography is great but the quality and experience is not even close to as fun!

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is the awesome people I'm privileged to meet. The most rewarding thing for me is making my clients feel amazing, connecting with them on a personal level & creating beautiful portraits they'll cherish for a lifetime.



I ❤:

  •  Harry Potter (hence my lightning bolt tattoo. I've read the series 7 times!)

  •  Dessert (#chocoholic)

  •  Traveling + exploring the world

  •  Fashion, beauty & skincare

  •  Music (my boyfriend calls me a human Shazam)

  •  Sunny days + tropical vibes

  •  A great book

  •  Dining out or cooking with my boyfriend

  •  Dogs (I daydream of getting a puppy EVERY SINGLE DAY)

  •  Watching films (I've seen hundreds & hundreds!)

  •  Dancing Brazilian zouk

  •  Eccentric + interesting history