Hello! I'm Haley.

Haley McLain is a Seattle based portrait + lifestyle photographer!

I specialize in senior portraits, personal branding, models & brand content.

I love for my images to be bright, modern, vivid + film-like.

I started practicing photography at age 15, shooting & processing film. Though I now shoot digital, emulating film's depth and quality is something I'll always love.

I have 12+ years of photo retouching experience and I personally hand retouch each image for my clients to be magazine quality.

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is the awesome people I'm privileged to meet. The most rewarding thing for me is making my clients feel and look amazing and bringing out the best in them. I love connecting with my clients & creating beautiful portraits they'll cherish for a lifetime.



I ❤ :

  •  Harry Potter (hence my lightning bolt tattoo. I've read the series 6 times!)

  •  Dessert (#chocoholic)

  •  Traveling + exploring the world

  •  Fashion, beauty & skincare

  •  Plants + flowers

  •  Music (my boyfriend calls me a human Shazam)

  •  Sunny days + tropical vibes

  •  Reading

  •  Eating + cooking healthy food

  •  Working out

  •  Dogs (I dream of getting a Mini Labradoodle!)

  •  Watching films (I've seen 1,000+)

  •  Dancing Brazilian Zouk & hip-hop

  •  Eccentric + interesting history

  •  Quality time with my boyfriend, friends & fam