1.  How long have you been doing photography?- I have been practicing photography for 12 years! I started in high school at age 15 developing 35mm black & white film and I was hooked ever since! I have been retouching / editing photos for over 14 years. I started when I used to make user icons on LiveJournal (a blog community website) in middle school. Such a nerd! hahah

  2.  What kind of equipment do you use?- I use my tried and true Canon 5D Mark II. I love it, it's basically my baby. I have a 50mm & a 24-105mm lens. I don't believe that a lot of fancy equipment makes a good photographer, but their vision and ability to connect and create with their clients. I also have a Speedlite on camera flash I use occasionally but I mostly use natural light for my images.