Portland Weekend Trip

A few weekends back, I took a trip down to Portland with my boyfriend and some of my dancer friends. We attended some Brazilian Lamba Zouk classes and late night dance socials, but during the day, I had a fabulous time exploring the city on foot by myself. I had meals with Robert at a ton of amazing places around town, too. As per usual, I try to eat dairy and gluten free (90% of the time) 😉

Featured, in order:

+ Appethaizing (homey Thai spot)

+ Ebb & Bean (frozen yogurt with vegan options)

+ Tasty & Sons (amazing brunch. We had the shakshuka & also the steak and grits skillet but I forgot to take a photo because I was starving)

+ Powell's Books (so busy but fun)

+ Tanner Spring Park (gorgeous garden with water lily pond, fish, and a cute brook)

+ Tea Bar (amazing natural bubble tea spot, I had the vanilla rose bubble tea. SO DELICIOUS! I adore the interior, we need something like this in Seattle!)

+ Revelry (Seattle is home to their sister restaurant, Revel. I actually preferred Revelry more! Korean fusion at it's finest. Loved the live DJ)

+ Teote (gluten free Latin food featuring arepas (gluten free corn cakes))

+ Dapper & Wise (great coffee spot with gorgeous interior)

Also found this cool outdoor food truck rally. Not sure of the official name but it had about 20 different food trucks. Loved the concept and outdoor seating. Another idea we need in Seattle!