Kelly - Photographer Personal Branding - Downtown Seattle

Kelly Lynn was in town from Indiana and reached out to me to create some beautiful new branding portraits for her photography business! It was so wonderful to work with another photographer for a change!

We did her session at her hotel, at the Downtown Library and a lil' bit of a walk over to a hotel that has awesome lighting. Kelly has been in the industry for 15+ years. Kelly is a stunning woman, a wife and a momma of 2 pre-teens (LIKE WHAAAT?). Besides running her photography business, she also helps to maintain their family's 20 horses and works with her daughter on competing in national riding competitions.

After her session, we chatted for a good hour at Starbucks about working in the photography industry, how it differs between Seattle and Indianapolis, referrals, relationships, women in business, networking groups etc. She has such an entrepreneurial spirit and a super kind heart. I really admire her drive and ambition with her business. It was fun getting to know her and I sincerely hope we meet up again next time she's in town next year.