Kathleen - Senior Portraits - Seattle Waterfront

Kathleen is a soon to be Marketing major graduate of Seattle University. She's originally from Singapore and was active in different activities, honor society and her sorority.

We had a blast shooting on the waterfront by the Ferris wheel in downtown Seattle. It was a mega busy Saturday night with a lot of prom going teenagers hanging about, but Kathleen was super patient with the portrait process and me doing crazy poses to crop people out as I was photographing her :) Really need to have someone do a behind the scenes of me working with my clients because I can look pretty dang cray with my squats and stance.

Kathleen has great style and was wearing some awesome rings and opal hoop earrings I was seriously envious of! She did glam sunset inspired eye makeup on herself too which went amazing with our sunset on the waterfront vibe.

Have an amazing time with your family on your graduation trip around Europe! You deserve it lovely lady! x