Laura - Circus Performer & Blogger - Personal Branding - Pioneer Square, Seattle

I am SO freaking grateful to have met & worked with my incredible, badass personal branding client, Laura. She just moved to Seattle from Georgia to pursue her life as a circus performer & aerial acrobatics instructor at Emerald City Trapeze.

In addition to being a great performer and teacher, Laura is building her personal brand as a writer/blogger. She's going to start a lifestyle oriented blog that incorporates health + fitness, circus life, travel, finances, writing & more.

It's mega inspiring working with my fellow young female entrepreneurs killing the game. I love getting the chance to experience the lives of others and how many unique careers and paths we all take.

I really wanted to show both sides of Laura's life in these photos. I had an amazing time sporadically getting Laura to do sweet gymnastic tricks and poses for the photos. It was so fun to see people's reactions. How often do you see a girl do a full split or back bend in public? SOOOO COOL!

I eagerly await your blog, Laura and I hope to see you perform a full aerial show soon! Thank you for being such a fun, sweet, strong, dedicated, kindhearted person :) The world needs more people like you!


Makeup & hair by the amazing Sophia Hutch

Kelly - Photographer Personal Branding - Downtown Seattle

Kelly Lynn was in town from Indiana and reached out to me to create some beautiful new branding portraits for her photography business! It was so wonderful to work with another photographer for a change!

We did her session at her hotel, at the Downtown Library and a lil' bit of a walk over to a hotel that has awesome lighting. Kelly has been in the industry for 15+ years. Kelly is a stunning woman, a wife and a momma of 2 pre-teens (LIKE WHAAAT?). Besides running her photography business, she also helps to maintain their family's 20 horses and works with her daughter on competing in national riding competitions.

After her session, we chatted for a good hour at Starbucks about working in the photography industry, how it differs between Seattle and Indianapolis, referrals, relationships, women in business, networking groups etc. She has such an entrepreneurial spirit and a super kind heart. I really admire her drive and ambition with her business. It was fun getting to know her and I sincerely hope we meet up again next time she's in town next year.

Megan Elizabeth Morris - Mom Coach - Personal Branding

Had a lovely time creating some personal branding images for Megan, a transformation coach for moms! :)  After having her son, Megan realized how important it was for her to not lose herself in the role of being a mom. She wanted to continue to pursue her emotional and spiritual goals. After spending a lot of time learning how to be a better mom & wife, she wants to share her journey and insight with other mom's who feel like they may have lost their way.

Megan's makeup and hair was done by the fantastic Sophia Hutch. We had her portrait session in Pioneer Square, starting at the waterfall park and then heading over to Cherry Street Coffee and the awesome brick walls and ivy around there.

It was so fun to have a fellow Harry Potter nerd as a client. Megan borrowed my beloved super worn copy of 'Goblet of Fire' for some of the shots at the cafe!

Perosnal branding is such a fun thing to do and I love to see my clients really let their beauty and boss lady soul shine!