Megan Elizabeth Morris - Mom Coach - Personal Branding

Had a lovely time creating some personal branding images for Megan, a transformation coach for moms! :)  After having her son, Megan realized how important it was for her to not lose herself in the role of being a mom. She wanted to continue to pursue her emotional and spiritual goals. After spending a lot of time learning how to be a better mom & wife, she wants to share her journey and insight with other mom's who feel like they may have lost their way.

Megan's makeup and hair was done by the fantastic Sophia Hutch. We had her portrait session in Pioneer Square, starting at the waterfall park and then heading over to Cherry Street Coffee and the awesome brick walls and ivy around there.

It was so fun to have a fellow Harry Potter nerd as a client. Megan borrowed my beloved super worn copy of 'Goblet of Fire' for some of the shots at the cafe!

Perosnal branding is such a fun thing to do and I love to see my clients really let their beauty and boss lady soul shine!

Sterling Forever Jewelry - Brand Lookbook

I had the pleasure of creating some lovely new branding images for the amazing jewelry brand Sterling Forever! It was super fun to do a brand look book again.

They have soooooo many pretty pieces! It was awesome to see how Marisa their brand coordinator / stylist styled all the different look ideas. The opal stacking rings and gold ball earrings were my faves.

Jo Huang, Life Coach- Professional Branding

Happy New Year everyone! WHOOP WHOOP! My latest session with Jo Huang, life coach and therapist, was too fun! I have been lovin' photographing professional branding portraits for my clients these past few months. I feel that it's super transformation for businesses and individuals. The power of beautiful new images is pretty freakin' huge!

Jo is SOOOO incredibly kind, caring & optimistic. An absolute pleasure to be around and to work with. Can't wait to see her website relaunch with these new beauties expressing her brightness for the world and her future clients to see!

We rented a studio for her session & had professional makeup artist Katie Boyarchuk on hair & makeup as our one girl beauty squad! Jo brought her two sweet rescue pups who were the best behaved of pretty much any dogs I've been around! We had a lot of fun with outfit changes and outdoor puppy walking too!

Thanks again to Jo & Katie for an awesome session. Can't wait to keep doing more professional branding in 2017!