Jo Huang, Life Coach- Professional Branding

Happy New Year everyone! WHOOP WHOOP! My latest session with Jo Huang, life coach and therapist, was too fun! I have been lovin' photographing professional branding portraits for my clients these past few months. I feel that it's super transformation for businesses and individuals. The power of beautiful new images is pretty freakin' huge!

Jo is SOOOO incredibly kind, caring & optimistic. An absolute pleasure to be around and to work with. Can't wait to see her website relaunch with these new beauties expressing her brightness for the world and her future clients to see!

We rented a studio for her session & had professional makeup artist Katie Boyarchuk on hair & makeup as our one girl beauty squad! Jo brought her two sweet rescue pups who were the best behaved of pretty much any dogs I've been around! We had a lot of fun with outfit changes and outdoor puppy walking too!

Thanks again to Jo & Katie for an awesome session. Can't wait to keep doing more professional branding in 2017!

Danielle Longo, Personal Trainer- Professional Branding

My friend and awesome personal trainer Danielle Longo was such a blast to work with for her professional personal branding! She is the biggest sweetheart and super fun to be around.

She is great at motivating and helping out those who might be lost or unsure of how to plan and achieve their fitness goals. Lord knows I was super lost and confused as someone who has always been afraid of the gym and working out.

I'm super excited to be working with her and get my butt into gear! WOO HOO! Can't wait to see these images on her new website and social media and see your success in your business!