Sydney - TCM Models - Seattle

Sydney is such a sweetheart and a fantastic model + human. This was our second time working together. Her good energy, warmth and beautiful smile make her a pleasure to work with. I had this idea to accentuate Sydney’s super cool afro with some flowers and incorporate my love of plants in the session as well :)

Sydney just started streaming on Twitch and we chatted about that and her nursing schooling and more while sipping our delicious bubble tea at Atulea, a lovely new tea shop near my apartment.

The owners of Atulea are SOOO sweet and really care about their customers and the quality of beverages they offer. They remember my boyfriend and I by name which to me is a big deal! Their interior design skills are on point. I was silly and didn’t get enough good photos to include, but trust me, the drinks and environment are so great :)

It was so nice to do some new creative work, can’t wait to do some more!


Amelia - Model - Long Beach, California

Amelia is basically a real life Disney princess, AM I RIGHT? She is English & Egyptian and has the loveliest English accent.

We spent a fun evening in Long Beach, California shooting around the waterfront and the lighthouse beach park. It was a gorgeous late Spring evening at golden hour. I really wanted to highlight her beautiful skin and get a nice added glow to sparkle in the sunshine. I liked the juxtaposition of the harsher sun light mixed with the warmth of golden hour by the beach. I also wanted to add in some 1960s Italian screen siren vibes with the wardrobe.

She and her boyfriend drove down from LA and I’m so grateful that they did so we could work together finally! We had been meaning to shoot together when she lived in Seattle but it worked out shooting her in her new home area. Thanks so much for being such a fun model & a total sweetheart, Amelia!


Fort Myers Florida Family Vacation

I had such a magnificent time spending a week with my family in my old home of Fort Myers, Florida to meet my grandmother and aunts who live down there.

My family came out from Tacoma, Seattle, Colorado, and Wisconsin. We haven't seen in each in years so it was so wonderful to see everyone and live together for a week in a gorgeous rental home on the water. Meeting my cousin's kids for the first time was great. Such sweethearts. I loved having my boyfriend meet my family. My grandmother is as witty and fun as ever. It was nice being on Sanibel Island with her, where she lived for over 30 years.

Things I remember loving the most: cooking for each other, Rob & I BBQ-ing for everyone, swimming, hot tubbing and sunbathing every day, catching up, going to mini golf together, Cincinnati chili, doing karaoke in front of a crowd in a smoky sports bar & watching the Lawrence Welk Show with my Gommi.

One of the highlights of the trip was when we headed to the Everglades. Holding a baby alligator and 2-year-old alligator was SO NUTS! The airboat ride was super fun and different.

Below are my favorite photographs I took during our trip. So many happy memories I'll cherish for years!