Madi - Model - Seattle

It took almost 2 years or rescheduled shoots, but I finaaaaaaalllly got to work with the stunning Madi. She is an accountant by day and super talented model by night! Like, what? Give me your accounting AND modeling skills. That’s a girl to look up to! Smart, beautiful & full of body + personal confidence. Super inspired by her.

She just got her hair touched up into this neon orange that reminded me of Leeloo in the Fifth Element 😍 I was watching my boyfriend’s niece’s dog who wouldn’t stop barking. He came along with us for a walk and even joined in on the shoot! 😂

I was so happy that Spring had sprung that day on Capitol Hill and we caught the cherry blossoms blooming!


Sydney - TCM Models - Seattle

Sydney is such a sweetheart and a fantastic model + human. This was our second time working together. Her good energy, warmth and beautiful smile make her a pleasure to work with. I had this idea to accentuate Sydney’s super cool afro with some flowers and incorporate my love of plants in the session as well :)

Sydney just started streaming on Twitch and we chatted about that and her nursing schooling and more while sipping our delicious bubble tea at Atulea, a lovely new tea shop near my apartment.

The owners of Atulea are SOOO sweet and really care about their customers and the quality of beverages they offer. They remember my boyfriend and I by name which to me is a big deal! Their interior design skills are on point. I was silly and didn’t get enough good photos to include, but trust me, the drinks and environment are so great :)

It was so nice to do some new creative work, can’t wait to do some more!


Rosa - Senior Portraits- Pioneer Square + Seattle Waterfront

My senior portrait client Rosa is DROP DEAD FREAKIN' GORGEOUS! I had a wonderful time spending a day with her and exploring around Pioneer Square and the waterfront for her portrait session. I've never done a proper session in Pioneer Square so it was super fun to find all the beautiful details and historic buildings throughout the area. The fall leaves and changing colors really looked amazing.

We started the day at my apartment. I chatted with Rosa's amazing mom Alison while Rosa got glammed up with hair & makeup by the fantastic Sophia Hutch! I had a blast getting to know everyone better.

We went for a soft glam look and it looked so spectacular on Rosa. I really love when my clients choose my most premier portrait collection. Senior portraits become a very memorable and special experience with a full makeover (as well as exclusive products, the highest amount of final images + more)!

I love the 3 outfits that Rosa came up with for her session. It was fun giving her some ideas but she did 95% of it herself! That pink satin flare sleeve blouse was so so cool and fun to watch her move in.

Rosa loves fashion and wants to explore business as well after she graduates from Seattle Prep. She has modeled partially in Portland but wants to explore modeling further when she heads off to college, which I think would be a total no-brainer because she is gorgeous, has a great smile and super friendly and sweet personality! Rosa is Filipina, African American, and European. Such a beautiful young lady.

I am so lucky to have special clients like Rosa & her momma Alison. So grateful to have met you both!

Hair & makeup by Sophia Hutch