Madi - Model - Seattle

It took almost 2 years or rescheduled shoots, but I finaaaaaaalllly got to work with the stunning Madi. She is an accountant by day and super talented model by night! Like, what? Give me your accounting AND modeling skills. That’s a girl to look up to! Smart, beautiful & full of body + personal confidence. Super inspired by her.

She just got her hair touched up into this neon orange that reminded me of Leeloo in the Fifth Element 😍 I was watching my boyfriend’s niece’s dog who wouldn’t stop barking. He came along with us for a walk and even joined in on the shoot! 😂

I was so happy that Spring had sprung that day on Capitol Hill and we caught the cherry blossoms blooming!


Amelia - Model - Long Beach, California

Amelia is basically a real life Disney princess, AM I RIGHT? She is English & Egyptian and has the loveliest English accent.

We spent a fun evening in Long Beach, California shooting around the waterfront and the lighthouse beach park. It was a gorgeous late Spring evening at golden hour. I really wanted to highlight her beautiful skin and get a nice added glow to sparkle in the sunshine. I liked the juxtaposition of the harsher sun light mixed with the warmth of golden hour by the beach. I also wanted to add in some 1960s Italian screen siren vibes with the wardrobe.

She and her boyfriend drove down from LA and I’m so grateful that they did so we could work together finally! We had been meaning to shoot together when she lived in Seattle but it worked out shooting her in her new home area. Thanks so much for being such a fun model & a total sweetheart, Amelia!


Isabel- Seattle Model Portraits

OMG, last week was crazy! My website was down for 4 days, I lost some client messages on my Instagram and my hard drive kept crashing. I was MEGA stressed. I am proud of myself for getting my website back online and transferring it between hosts (so long Namecheap, hello Google Domains!). I probably chatted with 8 different customer service reps in the 4 days. So glad I'm back up and running! Cheers to Isabel for being patient and waiting an extra week for me to get this session out during all that craziness!

Isabel is an awesome young model from TCM Models here in Seattle (where I'm also signed). We met at a casting call last year and I remember how bubbly and kind she was (which is starting to become exceedingly rare in the model industry it seems). She has a fantastic attitude and is she basically reminds me of a mermaid, fairy + princess combined as far as her looks go.

We wandered around my neighborhood around 15th Ave and found a cool community garden and garage with a view. I realized I locked my keys in my apartment (ARGHHH) and among all that chaos, her great attitude never wavered. We went and got ice cream and waited until my neighbor got home. Thanks for being such a fun subject, Isabel!

I like the different summer-y/boho/fairy vibes we created with the different looks and locations. The ear cuff portraits are something I wanted to photograph for YEARS! Glad I finally got to use that eBay find for a session.

PS- I saw "Wonder Woman" this weekend and it was GREAT. Girl POWAHHH! Gal Gadot is such a fox and is a great actress (and WHAT she's had two children with that bod?)