Natalie - Model Portraits - Capitol Hill, Seattle

I had such a fun time taking portraits with the beautiful Natalie. I used two cameras, comparing the Sony A7R II and my trusty Canon 5D Mark II (both with 50mm lenses). For the first time in YEARS, I used a new type camera! I'm still on the fence with Switching to Sony from Canon. I really like the Sony's lowlight and focusing capabilities but it lacks the depth and image color I've gotten used to (and prefer) with Canon. The Sony is much lighter because it's a mirrorless camera so that's a big advantage it has. I think I need to get used to the Sony's setting a lot more because I mostly used it on Auto which I NEVER do.

I'm beyond obsessed with Natalie's gorgeous red hair! We shot in a super cool old brick apartment area I found over the summer near my place on Capitol Hill. It reminded me of England or Ireland! We went with a first look that had vintage meets Clueless vibes with my black beret, the plaid skirt and Natalie's amazingly cozy furry white coat. The second look we returned to my apartment and did some close-ups with a sprig of berries and some cute shits with my "Christmas tree" (that's really a plant with mini lights on it LOL!). Lovin' the winter/holiday vibes.

xox Haley

Isabel- Seattle Model Portraits

OMG, last week was crazy! My website was down for 4 days, I lost some client messages on my Instagram and my hard drive kept crashing. I was MEGA stressed. I am proud of myself for getting my website back online and transferring it between hosts (so long Namecheap, hello Google Domains!). I probably chatted with 8 different customer service reps in the 4 days. So glad I'm back up and running! Cheers to Isabel for being patient and waiting an extra week for me to get this session out during all that craziness!

Isabel is an awesome young model from TCM Models here in Seattle (where I'm also signed). We met at a casting call last year and I remember how bubbly and kind she was (which is starting to become exceedingly rare in the model industry it seems). She has a fantastic attitude and is she basically reminds me of a mermaid, fairy + princess combined as far as her looks go.

We wandered around my neighborhood around 15th Ave and found a cool community garden and garage with a view. I realized I locked my keys in my apartment (ARGHHH) and among all that chaos, her great attitude never wavered. We went and got ice cream and waited until my neighbor got home. Thanks for being such a fun subject, Isabel!

I like the different summer-y/boho/fairy vibes we created with the different looks and locations. The ear cuff portraits are something I wanted to photograph for YEARS! Glad I finally got to use that eBay find for a session.

PS- I saw "Wonder Woman" this weekend and it was GREAT. Girl POWAHHH! Gal Gadot is such a fox and is a great actress (and WHAT she's had two children with that bod?)

Megan - SMG Models, Seattle

Megan is new to modeling (though you'd never know it) & just signed with SMG here in Seattle. I loooooove her freckles and am mega envious of her tan. My vampire-like skin never seems to get even a hint of color besides pink from sun burns! haha

We shot some low light portraits in my apartment and also found some cute little spots in my neighborhood to shoot. I love the range of texture and backgrounds we found in a 1 block radius!