California Vacation

Last month I had a lovely 5 day trip with my boyfriend Robert in California. Met up with my brother and visited my dad, stepmom & my new "little brother" (their new puppy) in La Quinta, had a day trip to Palm Springs, then headed to Downtown LA to visit some of Robert's awesome cousins.

Swimming in my dad's pool, hot tubbing at night and being pampered with home made meals and fresh squeezed juice was so fantastic. Robert and I borrowed their bikes and had so much fun cruising around at sunset, we came back with 10 giant grapefruits. The Living Desert zoo was awesome, I hadn't been there for years. Had such a great time in Palm Springs exploring all the boutique hotels and checking out the mid-century architecture. SOOO beautiful, bright and fun! SO much good food too, ahhhh!

Went to the Griffith Observatory and a ton of awesome restaurants and bars for the first time in LA. Wish I had gotten some photos of the speakeasy style cigar club/bar we went to! Never enough time to do all I want down in Cali!

Thanks to my boyfriend for taking all my 'non chalant modeling photos' while we were in Palm Springs.