Megan - Senior Portraits - UW Arboretum Gardens

Shorecrest Highschool senior Megan is killing it! She’s such a strong, hardworking, beautiful, young lady. She’s in AP classes, is on the volleyball team, does beach volleyball competitions, loves being outdoors, traveling and hiking too.

I had a lovely time spending the evening getting ready and exploring the UW Arboretum Gardens with her & her sweet momma Chrissy. We got a little bit lost trying to find certain areas of the park, but in the end, everything worked out perfectly and we had the park pretty much to ourselves!

I love shooting on the historic bridge/walkway area of the park. The colors looked awesome with the earthy skirt and top she chose. The lily pond area is so pretty and the purple flowered bush we found matched Megan’s Free People dress PERFECTLY! She has such beautiful blue eyes, the purple and blue combo looked so amazing.

Thank you so much for being such a great mom & daughter team and helping me create such gorgeous photos Megan & Chrissy!

Hair & makeup by the fantastic Sophia Hutch


Gabby - Senior Portraits - King St. Station / Pioneer Square

Had a wonderful time getting to hang out with my senior Gabby. It was such a crisp, beautiful end of winter / early Spring day to capture her senior portraits. We went with a glam meets chill city vibe for her shoot because that's exactly who Gabby is. A girl who loves fashion & dressing up, but also loves a relaxed, chill time with friends and cozy clothing. Gabby is thinking of doing something with fashion in College (potentially in Cali). Gabby is friends with my past senior Rosa. They both are finishing their senior year at Seattle Preparatory School.

While she was getting her makeup & hair done, I kept thinking "OMG she looks like a baby Britney Spears!"... AMIRITE? Gabby looked stunning and so freakin' adorable in her outfit choices I helped her pick. She got two pairs of new shoes for the sessions which thankfully turned out perfect and fit great. I love that she accessorized with her favorite earrings (hoops) and some fun geometric rhinestone ones for the second look.

We headed to King Street Station with its gorgeous white walls, high ceilings, ornate crown molding, pretty light fixtures and lovely marble tiles. After we wandered over to one of my go-to coffee shops for a modern look to my sessions, the Cherry Street Public House. Absolutely love the interiors and light in there! After a little coffee pick me up, we finished off her session we some VERY Seattle shots of her loungin' in her boss lady look.

Cheers to you Gabby & your bright future, girly!

Hair & Makeup by Shalonda Peguero

Lily - Senior Potraits - Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle

My senior portrait client Lily is such a beautiful ray of sunshine! This girl is such a fun, kind, sweet and intelligent young woman. I can't remember laughing more with a client during a session! I felt like I've known Lily for years even though we had just met.

Lily is into fashion, decorating, baking, nature and walking/biking at the park where we had her session. She has also spent the last few summers at Camp Orkila on Orcas Island as a counselor in training. I went there for one summer when I was 11 so that was really cool to find out. She is finishing her last year at Ballard High and also getting credits part-time at North Seattle College! WERK GIRL! I can't wait to see where you take yourself in this world!

We had such a great time hanging out at her session at the Olympic Sculpture Park. It was one of the most beautiful, crisp but sunny October evenings and the golden hour glow made for a stunning backdrop. All the warm fall tones mixing with the coolness of the ocean and sky really made Lily's gorgeous pale skin, freckles, and red hair POP. Also, her paisley velvet boots were amaaaaaazing! Loved her silk bomber jacket, too.

It's clients like Lily that truly make me love my job. I feel so insanely lucky to meet such amazing young ladies and their families that I would never have had the chance to know otherwise. I am so honored by all the girls that have chosen me to document this special time in their life. I'm not used to being so backlogged with client sessions in my retouching queue, but I'm so grateful to be busy and feeling like I am really getting my business flourishing. It's been so rewarding and such a good learning experience!