Austin - Dancer & Instructor - Personal Branding - Downtown, Seattle

My friend Austin is an awesome dancer, instructor and SEO/tech guru. I jokingly call him "Austin Timberlake" because he's so similar in appearance to Justin. We met thrugh the Brazilian Zouk community here in Seattle but he predominantly teaches/dances micro, fusion , blues & west coast swing.

He is a super positive guy and is always pursuing his ability to connect and uplift other dancers, students and fellow humans. Glad to have spent the evening with him to get these fun head shots & personal branding portraits for his online presence. I'm going to miss you when you move! Hope to dance with you again soon, my dude!

Nick - Model

Nick is awesome AND he's the first ever male model I've photographed! He was kind enough to let me use he & his girlfriend's cute apartment studio they set up themselves. We are both Game of Thrones nerds, phodels (photographers + models haha) & indie music fans. Glad to have met this guy for sure, it's always lovely having friends with similar interests.