Lookbook- Free People PNW- Pike Place with Allison

I had an amazing time collaborating with Free People Seattle / Free People Pacific Northwest on this autumnal styled shoot at Pike Place Market in Seattle!

Alice Brillhart was the awesome wardrobe stylist and also assisted as umbrella + reflector holder which was a HUGE help. The first 45 minutes of our shoot it was raining pretty steadily. Seattle for ya! The model Allison Bristow is beyond fantastic, bubbly and sweet. What a trooper! By the end of the first look her sneakers and the velvet maxi dress were soaking wet.

The Bundle Baby Chunky Cowl scarf in it's blushed pastel colors in the first look is AMAZING. Paired with the Belle Epoch Velvet Maxi Slip & Denim Trucker Jacket + White Hi Top Converse was a great fall outfit.

For the second look we ventured through Pike Place Market as it was shutting down for the day. I liked this look for how British it felt, I have a HUGE love for British style and culture. Allison wore these orange velvet floral print Lennon Printed Skinny pants (that went perfectly with the real lush bouquets being sold), loose white Changing Horizons Pullover, black leather choker, black leather Breaker Suede Heel Ankle Boot and topped it all off with the Clean Slate Felt Hat.

Thanks again you to Free People PNW, Alice & Allison for a fantastic shoot!

Pumpkin Patch

My boyfriend Rob & I went to the pumpkin patch at Carleton Farms about 40 minutes from Seattle. It's a fun tradition I shared with him and we continue to look forward to doing together :) I LOOOOVE the colors and textures of the sugar pumpkins especially. They had a really sweet donkey on the farm and we had a good time looking at the corn maze and fields. The pumpkin cannon launched pumpkins hundreds of feet, it was crazy. I beat Rob's distance ;) Definitely had to indulge in some pumpkin donuts with cinnamon sugar (they hurt my gluten free system but they were damn delicious)! Can someone PLEASE make a gluten free donut shop in Seattle? PLEEEEEASE? Kthx.


The lovely Andrea Parlette and I shot together recently, using a cozy boudoir + fall feel as our inspiration. The shoot also morphed into a sort of "big city 1960s mod" vibe because of the great dress Andrea brought & her cute wavy bob hairstyle. The 60s are a favorite era of mine.  Special thanks to my friend Anna for letting us use her apartment's rooftop to shoot on! She has an amazing place in Downtown/Belltown, Seattle.

Hair and makeup by Katie Boyarchuk.